The Wealthy Affiliate University Review – Best Training Online?

Have you tried the Wealthy Affiliate University yet? As we draw closer to 2019, we’re beginning to put together the final touches on our New Years resolutions. Sure all of us will probably start with the usual “I want to lose weight” or “I want to wake up early and journal.” These are great goals, but what about the goal of changing our financial future within the next year. We live in a golden age where opportunity after opportunity are opening up to make money online.

Unfortunately, the scammer sharks are aware of this, and are looking for any way to make a quick buck off of your dreams and goals. One popular platform known as The Wealthy Affiliate University is steadily growing in popularity, and many people are skeptical. I can see where they are coming from, which is why I’ve decided to write a review on this platform. Welcome to The Wealthy Affiliate University Review, could this be the best training online?

The Wealthy Affiliate University Review Overview & Ratings

  • Website: WealthyAffiliate.com
  • Training: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Web Hosting: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • Community: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Money Making Methods: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Pricing: Starter Member (free), Premium Member ($49/mth or $359/yr)
  • The Productive Pineapple’s Overall Rating: ~4.9 out of 5.0
  • Bonus: Keyword Research Tool


The Training At Wealthy Affiliate – In-Depth & Made For Everyone

The first thing I noticed as I began the expertly laid out training, is the thoroughness and the lack of an extra sales pitch. SO MANY people have created their very own affiliate marketing “training,” and it’s nothing more than a sales pitch asking you to become an affiliate for their program. Let me tell you about my last failed attempt at finding affiliate marketing training before I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.

The title was something along the lines of “The Proven Thing That Helped Me Make 100k in One Year.” or something LIKE that. See, I don’t even have to remember the exact title because they’re all the same! These titles have a certain formula and they’re mostly traps. Anywho, this so-called training was just a very elaborate sales pitch for a popular money making scheme. He also put together a “made for you sales pitch” that was supposedly used to get others to sign up for the same scheme. I found a few problems with this.

First, he tried to play on the “get-rich-quick” idea. But tried to tell you the it doesn’t happen overnight. Which brings me to number two, he pretended that this would be your own business. And lastly, this “business” requires that you work in the Make Money Online niche. This just isn’t fair. If you’re a beginner, you’re likely not seasoned in making money online. It felt a bit unethical to be told to go out there and round up traffic by claiming that you have the secret to making money online. My purpose in this long-winded rant is to show the giant contrast between training like this, and the Wealthy Affiliate University.

In-Depth and Legit

The training through Wealthy Affiliate is real! The main course is known as the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It is made up of five levels, and they are thorough! Within the first couple lessons you will have a website built and a niche picked. They train you to work in any niche, not just the Make Money Online niche (unless of course that is what you choose to work with). While they do have an amazing affiliate program, they don’t pressure you to be an affiliate. You are instructed how to find hundreds of affiliate programs online, all targeting your passions, hobbies, and business ideas.

Ever wanted to be an expert in SEO? With the help of Wealthy Affiliate, you can! And this is just the main training course.

They also offer an affiliate boot camp, weekly live training on several topics, training by some top people in the industry, case studies, and so much more. The owners of the website, Kyle and Carson, are always creating side training on several topics including E-commerce, email marketing, SEO, and other topics to help you become an expert online. You have plenty of training available to really become a successful online entrepreneur.

WordPress Site Building & Web Hosting – Made for Newbies

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t know anything about building a website. Coding, HTML, all of that jazz is not everyone’s expertise. It shouldn’t have to be for you to be successful. They use WordPress which is by far the leading platform in building a website. It is so simple to use, and when you are a Premium member, you have access to over 3k theme designs. It is the easiest way to create a beautiful website, and that will be your basis for your business. This has to be good!

The W.A. web hosting platform is incredible. They offer site security, site speed, and website backups every 24 hours. Your premium account includes up to 25 websites on your own domain, and 25 websites on a free domain. That is up to 50 websites total! It is perfect for those who consider themselves stunted when it comes to technology, like myself. This website is over 13 years old, and still growing, so they know what they’re doing!

The Wealthy Affiliate Community – Thousands In Your Corner

I mentioned Kyle and Carson earlier, they are the owners of W.A. They believe that community over competition builds success. Both of them really emphasize the benefits of being involved with the community. Kyle will always remind you that reaching out to other is in your best interest. There is room for all of us on the success train.

Everyone is encouraged to reach out to fellow members when we have questions. It is such an amazing perk. You may have your run-ins from time to time with a less than pleasant member. But they are usually quickly reminded that a negative attitude isn’t welcome there. Before you know it you’ll have people commenting on your page, cheering on your accomplishments, helping you improve your websites, and giving you that extra inspiration to move forward and not give up.

Many training programs offer access to a Facebook group. This is so much more, what you get from this community is valuable and unique. I’ll be honest with you. When I first found this website, I was skeptical. The training was great and it brought me here, but I decided to stay because of the support of the community. I’ve never seen anything like it, when you’re here, you’re part of something BIG!

==> Join This One Of A Kind Community & Start Your Online Empire Here

The Methods to Make Your Money

Slow and steady win the race. WA doesn’t claim that you will walk away from your first month with a six-figure business. That’s not how it works, deep down we all know that, but somehow we still get curious when you see “you can make thousands of dollars in less than a month.” Here they tell you that you WILL Make Money if you follow the training, but the time varies, and that is exactly the truth.

They want you to succeed ethically . Believe me, I would love it if I could make money overnight, but I also know that I love it when my money comes from hard work and dedication. Work hard, and follow the training within Wealthy Affiliate and you will Make Money. Easy as that. Thankfully for all of us, the investment into the premium membership is a very real investment into your business and your future. Many people will complain about the $49 per month, but if you take full advantage of the perks you will find that this is a very light investment. When you go for the yearly cost, you pay less than a dollar a day. That’s unheard of! Also, you cannot forget about the in-house keyword research tool. In my opinion it is the best and most comprehensive tool out there, and it is such a vital part of your research.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I have personally found that The Wealthy Affiliate University is a unique experience for the entrepreneur looking to finally start their online business. With Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting all the training you need to become a successful affiliate marketer. I hope I see you in there!

In fact, if I do see you there, I encourage you to begin with a free starter account, and I will personally help you get started on your training. But you have to complete your profile. If you are Absolutely serious about getting your business off the ground, I am excited to offer you a couple bonuses!

If you sign up for the premium account, I will give you The Diamond Traffic program, a case study where you can watch a pro set up an affiliate website in real time, AND some email marketing training. I call it the “Serious Entrepreneur Package.” You’ll also be able to write me anytime via private message at any point if you need help. Get going now.

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  • Victor

    I’m not gonna to lie: I saw the pineapple pictures and I got super excited! Your review about Wealthy Affiliate is great. You provide valuable information about this amazing platform. I have been a member since July 2018 and it has been just the best experience that I have had when it comes to online business. I would definitely recommend it to your visitors. Thank you for sharing the info 🙂

  • Sujandar Mahesan

    You are absolutely right about Wealthy affiliate one of the best online affiliate marketing site I have ever seen so far.  It is one of the best platforms which gives you free lessons which other platforms charges you for.

    That is something I really like with Wealthy  Affiliate . Thank you for writing and sharing about W.A.

  • Jay

    Making money online is never an easy thing and requires consistence effort. There are a lot of information online and many of them are garbage. Wealthyaffiliate is arguably one of the best training platforms on the internet. Their trainings are simplified and still thorough. They give vital up to date information that can help you on your journey in the online world.

    I can tell you that as long as you are willing to do the work you most certainly would reap the benefit. You just have to be patient and not give up just withing a few months. Success is always around the corner and wealthyaffilliate would help you in achieving your dreams in building a successful business.

    The community is amazing and I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten help from the community. It is really an amazing platform.

  • Susan

    Productive Pineapple,

    Wealthy Affiliate University is where I have become a graduate from in the affiliate marketing industry just so the people out there know everything you have put in this article is nothing but the truth I would swear on a stack of Bibles in the courts for you.  I must admit I searched for years to find a program that would make money online and the gurus and scam artists out there can promise you the 1000’s over and over again under a different name but none of them are ever going to work.  But Wealthy Affiliates is different they do not promise that you will make any money not unless you are willing to work for it and build a business all of your own.  They provide the training and tools needed but the rest is totally up to you.  Ready to take a chance on yourself and build a business for yourself. Join Productive Pineapple at Wealthy Affiliates and change your life.



  • Omosomi

    I know people like you mighty have finished all the WA training.
    Always that is good reminder for all, yes here is not get rich quick as other platform promises at the end, nothing come out good.

    I had tried other platform like you, there is not need for me to start mentioning them again because I had done a scam review about them on my website.

    As you have said here in WA there is great potential for anyone to tap sources if you obediently going through the training one after the other, you get to know the basic of how you can start your business by building an authorise website for yourselves to operate on. The training as you said they want you to succeed ethically, that is true, all these other platformed that tell you there is way you generation six figure funnel, they are scam, rip off your little dollars.

    Here in WA you will be thought how to fish not that they will fish and give you. All training is wide open for you to learn every day. Apart from the training, classroom interaction is another wonderful session. You can be able to communicate and get the help you want at your disposal. The co-founder’s are always there to help out when is needed.
    I Think is a platform to be reckoned with in the world online affiliate business.

    The training is so awesome and well enlighten to everyone understanding. Is not a place you signed in expecting to make the few dollars fast, fast, get acquainted first with the training package both from Kyle, Jay or anyone else they are all live and awesome for you to learn.


  • Brian

    What an excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and what I like about the training and what makes Wealthy Affiliate unique is that it teaches you how to build an online business through affiliate marketing in ANY niche you so desire. You don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate if you don’t want to, but I do like that they give you that option if you want to go that route and they have specific training to help you succeed at promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I’m also SO happy that Wealthy Affiliate hosts websites now so you have everything you fully need at WA and more as site security, speed and even backups could cost you extra at other hosting sites. There’s just more I could go on and on about and I love how you talked about the Wealthy Affiliate Community! They are so helpful and want to see other members succeed! What’s your absolute favorite aspect of WA?

    • admin

      absolutely Brian! On the website capabilities alone, you have such an amazing platform. I would have to say my favorite thing is the training. It’s real and thorough, these guys know what they’re doing.

  • Scott Hinkle

    Thanks for the great review.  I actually found WA while researching another “opportunity” that sounds a lot like the one you describe here.  It was one of those “make x dollars with little to no effort” claims and was all about having you resell their program.  That was just over 8 months ago.  My business is doing well and I’m getting  ore traffic every month.

    I agree with your assessment and scoring of WA’s offerings except for one…I’d give the community a higher score.  I honestly believe the community is the best part of WA.  You can pose a question, ask for tips and pointers, even help others.  You have access to a vast variety of people from all fields and with varying levels of affiliate marketing experience.  There’s always someone there who will be happy to help out.  Where else do you get that kind of access and support?

    Thanks again

  • Sondra Meyer

    I agree with your comments about Wealthy Affiliate making building WordPress websites and the hosting stuff super easy.  I have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for two years because I really like how easy they make it to host websites on their platform.   Prior to that, I had a website that I built on WordPress dot com.   The problem is that you/we were severely restricted as to what we could put on those websites.   Even though I didn’t know what affiliate marketing was back then, I don’t think we could use affiliate links because we didn’t own the website.   Wordpress dot com did.    

    I tried purchasing and setting up a website as part of domain package deals with both Network Solutions and GoDaddy.   In both cases, I never really understood how to begin and just wasted my money on the domain name since I never started the website.  

    With Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, the training program made the process of building a website super easy.  Kyle explained things so well, that I didn’t even have any questions.    Yet, for people that do, there are always lots of people willing to help out if someone simply asks.    

    Well, sorry this got so long but your post compelled me to share my experience.   

    Best wishes.    

  • Heidi Yates

    I started with Wealthy Affiliate earlier this year and I just wanted to reinforce what your article says about it being honest and ethical. You only need to hang out in various social media sites to see all the scams out there that promise you thousands of dollars overnight and by basically doing nothing other than paying the scammer your hard earnt money! REALLY!  

    WA teaches you how to build YOUR online business to right way. Invest in yourself and your business and learn the ropes from people who have been in the biz for decades, who have extensive experience and are making substantial incomes over the long term. 

    I am loving it and my website goes from strength to strength every day, as does my knowledge. If you are ready to get serious about your future and making your own income then join us at Wealthy Affiliate – there is no place better to learn and grow your business and that’s a fact. 

  • Bushra

    Wealthy Affiliate makes it very easy to start and build an online business. WA gives you access to the most advanced website and hosting platform in the world. A platform built for the most sophisticated online entrepreneurs from a technical standpoint but any newbie can start and succeed in their online business. Just choose an interest, build your website, attract visitors and earn revenue. Wealthy Affiliate training, WA community and live webinars are great tools for beginners. Great review about WA, thanks for sharing.

  • DerrAd

    Hello there, 

    You’ve said it right. I came across wealthy affiliate 5 months ago after wandering on the internet in search for ways to make money online. It’s an awesome training platform which I personally call it “university” because I’ve learnt proven methods of making money online through affiliate marketing. The support too is fantastic because you have a community of experienced people always willing to help for free and that is more than enough for one to succeed building an online business. 

    I’m happy for my future and I never regret joining WA. 

  • Karen

    Thank you for this article!

    I agree that there are a lot of scammers offering a lot of money for little work, not to mention the lack of real training. Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a step-by-step training platform and the community sounds fantastic!

    Having been scammed myself, I’ve been skeptical about joining another training program.

    Thanks again for the article.


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