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Hey there! I am so happy you’re here. Welcome to The Productive Pineapple. Here we discuss the impact that productivity can have on your life, your business, and your financial future. Here we’ll talk about making money, the REAL impact of social media, importance of creating proactive habits, time management, reaching goals, and SO MUCH MORE. 


I’m sure you have heard the old saying “time is money.” Nonsense. Time is money if money is what’s valuable in your life. The real saying should be “time is VALUABLE.” If you want to cherish money, then sure, you can say that time is money. But that may not be the case for everyone, and yes, money will be involved because we need it to live. It is a fact of life. But we don’t need to revolve our life around it.

 I will use myself as an example here. My spouse and my son are my world, I cherish them beyond money, big houses, and fancy things. As I mentioned before, money is vital, and we cannot get around the fact that we need it for our day-to-day. If I work smarter, and not harder, then I can help contribute to our expenses while still allowing myself to spend the majority of my time on what I value, my family. This can mean streamlining my business, earning passive income, working at flexible time, and making the most of my time online. It can also mean scheduling my time effectively, making the most of downtime, and setting daily, weekly, or even yearly goals. Whatever it takes to focus on what I love. 


It’s pretty simple really. I want to help you to do the same. If we keep going into examples of the “time is valuable” model, we can use the example of Betty. Betty’s passion is travel, it’s what she values the most. Seeing the sights is so tiny in comparison to rush she gets when she soaks in the culture of each stop. She wants to eat and drink everything that the locals suggest, and she wants to see the amazing animals, swim in the pristine beaches, or take in the local art scene. It’s exhilarating and it feeds her soul. 

If she gets one week off per year at her 9-5, and even feels somewhat guilty asking for that, she may leave the country once every few years. Meaning she will have to take one of those one week see-it-all but see nothing vacations. She’ll get all of her touristy pictures for Instagram, and she will be able to say that visited 4 countries in one trip, but she won’t get much more than that. She wants more.

If I can help her learn to work smarter, not harder, then maybe she can find little ways here and there to reach her goals. It may not be in a week, or even a year, but I hope I can help someone similar to this fictitious character look back while sipping on a local cocktail with a view of the clear blue water in Bermuda, and think “I’m glad I got the push I needed so I can spend my time on what I value, traveling.” This is what my dream is for this blog.

So stick around. Reach out to me. Let me know what your dreams are, and together let’s be a couple of productive pineapples.

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